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Belly Fat


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Guys what do you think which is best way to loss belly fats.... Pleas suggest me some diet and exercise for it... thanks in advance



Do a lot of reading on here.

For diet Eat Stop Eat, Warrior Diet, Precision Nutrition, Paleo, Primal are good things to search for on the Nutrition Forum.

For exercise, go next door to the other forum and research all the dragondoor products, pick one you like, start training or look into Gym Movement and start testing.

Good luck,



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I have a hard time losing belly fat. So I am trying an eating routine of eating 1-2 eggs every morning with 2 cups of coffee. 1 cup is black and the 2nd is with 1 1/4 teaspoon of raw sugar ( if I can get it) and an ounce or less of whole milk. For lunch I eat some cherrys with blueberrys and strawberrys. For dinner I eat what I can but it is usually not much.

Read the book: The Belly fat cure by Jorge Cruise.

About the The Belly Fat Cure: Drop 4 to 9 lbs. a week without dieting! For years experts have told you that youre overweight because you eat too much and dont exercise enough. They were WRONG. The truth is that you are eating foods packed with hidden sweeteners that deliver a belly-fattening Sugar/Carb Value.



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Belly Fat is really hard to lose,..
But daily workout for Belly Fat is useful to lose them and running is also very useful for that,..


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Short of lyposuction you cannot target fat from any one place on the body. The last place for men to lose fat is the belly. For women it is usually the thighs and butt. That is the way it is. If you have a double chin but are fretting over your belly fat - the areas where you will start to lose fat will be from your face and arms and legs not the belly. Eat healthy and train smart and you will lose fat. Tim Ferris' book 4 Hour Body suggests ice baths or showers. If that sounds too extreme he also suggests ice packs placed on the shoulders ( I use plastic trash bags) for 15-20 minutes. The use of ice or cold water increases the amount of "brown" fat produced in the body. Brown fat assists the body in ridding itself of the normal body fat to a certain degree by increasing the body's metabolism..Dennis


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One thing you can do is whenever you have a free moment do some flexing and deep breathing. Sit up straight, and focus on breathing in through your nose as much as you can and exhale out your mouth while flexing your abs. This will help, but make sure you start a full routine in addition to this to get things moving faster.


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I'll pass on the brown fat and Tim Ferriss thank you very much. Also, if you want to lose body fat, keep the carbs low and read Jorge. He's spot on.


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Agreed on Jorge's recommendations. Too much sugar = fat and the problems associated with glycation. Unless you're a hard core endurance type who is burning food as fast as he or she eats it, avoid sugar. Get your carbs down to 120g/day or less and focus on berries, sweet potatoes and dump the pastas, breads, etc. Alcohol? Read Mark Sisson's site on recommended forms of adult beverages and Brad Sisson has some good tips. I've switched to Scotch--not because I like it...in fact, dislike the stuff--based on its low carb factor and taste. A shot of even good single malt Scotch will last for 90 minutes.


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I think you can use all of the following for shredding the Belly fat
1.Fat Burners
3.Belly exercises
4.Control over the diet...


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You need to take to lose your belly fat would be to control the amount of food you are eating. If you need that toned look you have to follow a principle that only requires one plate of food without going back for seconds. This also will not suggest that you have to eat everything on your plate, just enough until you are full. An essential weight-loss approach is to avoid sugar. By doing this, it is possible to cut back on the amount of sugar you are eating. Therefore you need to avoid energy drinks, soda and in some cases diet sodas. In case you drink considerable amounts of soda daily, you must reduce it slowly since your body might undergo withdrawals if you quit suddenly. Bicycle exercise is a good belly exercise.
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Steve Freides

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Guys what do you think which is best way to loss belly fats.... Pleas suggest me some diet and exercise for it... thanks in advance
Good advice from everyone here. To sum it up simply, make a plan, execute the plan, and lose weight. If you lose weight, and you keep exercising, and you eat well, you will lose mostly fat. I am lean by most people's standards but I still have a little belly fat - that's just life, and if I want to lose some of my belly fat, I will try to lower my overall bodyweight and not worry specifically about losing belly fat.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.



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Hi dear,
For losing the belly fat you should try the following tips
Do exercise regularly
Running, swimming and jogging
Drink plenty of water
Control your diet
Take more boiled vegetables
Don't take more cholesterol and fatty foods
Eat fresh fruits especially citric fruits
Drink fresh fruits juice
Take green tea
and use fish oil
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