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Beyond Bodybuilding pg 86 CALVES question

J Wissing RKC

New member
I've started doing the foot extensions in the leg press machine described on pg 86, but considering the calves are worked daily, and very well conditioned muscles by nature, is it ok to pound them more brutally than other muscles groups? Strength is always top priority, but in this case, hypertrophy would be appreciated as well.

My plan was to blast them 3on-1off-2on-1off-1on-1off, then start over, with a PTP cycle weight increase(+10lbs: +4,-3 cycle). The weight I did today seems to be an ok place to begin an explosive 3repsx10sets with 30-60 sec rest. It seems like the calves more than anything need to be tortured into growth, but I'm concerned with overtraining and hampering progress.

Any insight is much appreciated.

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