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Brad Nelson's rapid Muscle Up Progress on the Rings



ah, that brings back SO many gymnastics memories.muscle ups are one serious movement.BUT in my book it only really counts from a dead hang. lots more fun that way,lol.


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Awesome work Brad. I knew you would be killing these after seeing you give it a go after the TSC weekend. 10 for sure by the end of the year.


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If you're interested in Rings, this site has some really great articles, too, on how to train with them...nice rings too as brad points out.

way to go Brad

for folks who don't have rings, have any of you tried out things like muscle ups with the TRX or jungle gym type set up - or is it strictly a ring thing?

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Muscle ups on a Pull up bar require even more strenght

Check out this guy doing 27 consecutive Muscle Ups on a pull up bar:

YouTube - 27 muscle ups by Jaz @ bondi beach pull chin up

This guy is the best I've ever seen on the net. I read somewhere that he has been in the special forces, so that might explain a lot. Still incredible in my book.

Here's a nice article about learning the muscle up btw:


I've also been trying to learn this movement for a while now, but it's extremely hard. Key seems to be getting your shoulder up en over the bar, instead of pulling your self towards the bar.

Last but not least another awesome video by Jazz 'the muscle up king' form Bondi beach, performing 2 one arm chin's followed by some muscle ups and pullups all in one set :

YouTube - One arm chins & muscle up set by Jaz @ Bondi Beach


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Thanks Adam, video does a poor job of size/scale comparison. Big guys who can do extreme pullups and muscleups impress me more than small skinny guys. Likewise, skinny guys who can press a lot of weight overhead get my attention. Good job Brad,


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The most I ever got on the rings was 8 in a row. I really like the MU as a skill to know, but I think it's not so great as an exercise you do a ton of reps with as you would pull-ups. After a while of doing multiple sets of multiple reps, I tend to get a sore shoulder from all the internal rotation at the transition from pull-up to dip.

So now I just do enough to maintain the ability to do them.
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