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Branching out into conditioning/fat loss...


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I've been bodyweight strength training for about a year now, the first six months or so just messing around and exploring the concepts in Naked Warrior, the second half following CC closely.

Just from the strength training, my musculature has improved visibly, but I'm interested in trying to include some cardiovascular/conditioning training into my arsenal. What would you suggest that would mesh with CC?

I've experimented with burpees, with things like over 10 minutes, doing 10 the first minute, 9 the second, 8 the third etc etc, and I've also tried high-rep hindu squats (which I used to do during the first messing around phase). I've also thought about getting hold of a skipping rope?

My goals are to start to increase my GPP (now that my body is getting used to higher volume training), to increase overall cardiovascular health.


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Try the 300 KB Meltdown challenge for a total body shock :)

Or make up some circuits, with 4-5 exercises, low reps for each exercise. Repeat the exercises for a continuous 10 minutes with minimal or no rest time.

Or see Faizels recent post for variety ideas.

Also things like Tabata protocol, HIIT are great for cardiovascular conditioning and fat loss.


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with kettlebells-program minimum of course,rite of passage and the VWC
without KB- boxing,jumprope,Bass Ruttens workout tapes are a great way to go,basically any heavybag work,and sprints.
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