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Callouses falling off AGAIN!


New member
Wish I had some pictures to post to you guys. Anyways 2 callouses are completly ripped off my left hand this seems to happen every time I do snatches with the 32kg for over 10 reps with either hand. Its really pissing me off seeing as how I will only make it worse if I train through it. I have a decent grip (3 reps either hand with the #2 COC)and use chalk. I was wondering if I could be possibly gripping the KB too tight and ripping off skin with the added help of the chalk? I will try it in a few days w/o the chalk hopefully the 32 dosent go flying. Any suggestions from some veterans, newbs or if im lucky Pavel?


New member
OH JESUS- Another whine-laden post about skin blisters!!!

Look comrade, heal your sores first. That means-give it a rest, OK???
Do another exercise, OK?

Then, approach it systematically. Prime yer hands with lighter weights or fewer reps. Possibly soak them in some sort of magic brine(Iron Palm crap).
Or perhaps, just lay down some epithelial layer why don't you, and get

Or even, God forbid, wear gloves.


New member
Try Switching to Swings

Swings should be easier on your hands and still give you a killer workout. Jerks should be fine as well.
This isn't really party approved, but you can wrap a paper towel over the handle, then it will slide through without tearing your hands. But as soon as your hands get better, use the paper towel less and less so that your hands can build up some toughness.

Larry Dibble

New member
Your calluses are ripping off because you are developing blisters underneath them. The blisters come from when you grip the kettlebell with too much of a palm grip. This happens to me when I get fatigued and I try to gain more control of the kettlebell. If I pay attention I can feel the skin folding as the kettlebell handle works its way closer to the palm. A couple of things that I try to remind myself of are tight-loose-tight to describe the grip when doing kettlebell ballistics. When I start to go tight-tight-tight I'm pressing and it's time to put the kettlebell down and rest. Which leads to another point - technique and quality over quantity.

For damaged hands try Corn Husker's Lotion or Bag Balm. Also I like to let my hands sweat when doing kettlebell drills because the sweat acts as a lubricant.

If you get a blister heat up a needle with a match and pierce the blister and drain it by putting pressure on it until it flattens out. Leave the skin and calluse on top as a natural band-aid. If a calluse gets to thick or developes points file them down with a pumice stone. Do this when they are moist, like when you are showering.



New member
Thanks for the advice Larry. That sounds exactly like whats happening. I dont know how far I can move the KB on to my fingers since I have really short fingers. I am going to try going w/o the chalk and will keep your advice in mind. Hopefully I will have some good results.

Steve W.

New member
Chalk is okay

If you hold the KB more in the fingers, I think chalk actually helps. When the KB is more in the palm though, chalk will make the skin tearing worse. Larry Dibble gave excellent suggestions. One other is to adjust your grip (handle more toward the fingers) and let the KB turn over at the top of the downswing, and to keep the KB closer to your body. That way the handle is turning in your hand near the top where you can grip loosely. If the handle turns in your hand close to the bottom where has a lot of momentum and you have to grip tight, it is much harder on the skin.
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