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CC3 Time Surfing or Rule of 3 and Rule of 6 for Martial Arts skills?


New member
Hey everyone,

I practice martial arts (Kyokushin Karate) and I am using the Convict Conditionning as part of my personal training.

I really liked the Third volume about Skills and Exploisivity and using the Time Surfing and Consolidated training is making a huge difference in how fast I learn new strikes almost like magic!

However I want to take my understand further. In the Book the author clearly define that skills movement and power moves should be trained differently. One using Time Surfing the others Rule of 3 and Rule of 6. It make perfect sense for these moves but for Karate I struggle to choose which method to use since the strikes and kicks can require boht skills and power.

So how would you approach this. Time Surfing, Rule of 3/6 or combining both?



New member
Full disclosure: not karate me. That said, since learning new strikes you are not pushing resistance, I'd just start with slow movement and groove the pattern to perfection. As boredom sets in you will spontaneously move faster. When you feel fairly comfortable at full speed, go after it vs heavy bag for power. Sets/reps I have no idea but I'd just go by intuitive feel, do some, rest some. Repeat.... Too much thinking makes Grasshopper a dull boy
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