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Changing your story, Misinterpreting, assorted dipshittery

Stephen Troy

New member
Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can increase life span WITHOUT a decrease in calories. So, I fast to get the life extending benefits

I wasn't caliming that IF definitely leads to increased longevity in humans.

You are confused:
The real kicker is when you go to say that "They're very specifically saying that they don't know" when the first line of the artcile you posted states "Starving -- officially known as caloric restriction -- may make worms and mice live up to 50 percent longer but it WILL NOT help humans live super-long lives". So, you just contradicted yourself, dude.

By "They," I referred to the quote from your Pubmed link, the whole post did (that reading comp. is coming up again). So your link contradicted your position and supported mine. I appreciated it, by the way.

You can't seem to stop replying, so feel free to flail away in another post.
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