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Chi kung for leukemia?

Chris Hansen

New member

Could something like chi-kung be useful for someone with leukemia when conventional treatments haven't worked?



New member
There has been some pretty exciting work with Qigong in the treatment of cancer patients. I will dig out some information and the institutions that have been using if you wish.

Please let me know how I can help and do not hesitate to email me personally with this.

In faith,

Coach Davies


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Re: Try this link

There's much more information in Chinese, but I'm assuming you can't read it. If that's untrue, let me know and I'll post additional sites.

In any case, the Damo Qigong Training Center is geared to handle western patients. It may be worthwhile to reasearch the place and consider a trip. Root around the site, check the message board on chinafrominside.com, etc. I've studied the same material at the ShiYan City Wudang Kung Fu Research Association, a related training center in Hubei province (the former specializes in medical treatment, the latter in gongfu). It takes about 3 years of daily practice to make a minor achievement in the Damo system, but many medical conditions can be reversed in a few short weeks - the lifetime commitment is only required for those who desire to achieve religious results.

Let me know if you have any detailed questions. garm_olafson@hotmail.com.


John Du Cane

Staff member
Another good possibility

is the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center, if they are still open. The Chinese government closed down many qigong hospitals after the Falung Gong development.
Luke Chan and his brother Frank studied there and many of the practices from the hospital are now taught over here. Best though, for treatment, is extensive immersion for around a month on location. Call 1-800-784-0146 and/or visit www.chilel-qigong.com
Good luck!www.chilel-qigong.com


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There was a really good article about this subject in the April 2003 “Spirituality and Health” magazine. I would definitely get a reprint of that article.
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