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Coach Scott and Dave R, my thanks.

Thank you kindly for taking the time and effort explain, and understand. I wanted to reply here, as it's getting crowded over at the other post.

Dave I do like the way you can read the posts on the OT forum while you create a post, that would be a nice feature here too. I open IE twice so I can read on one IE and reply and refresh on the other for DD posts. Seems to help as long as you don't get confused what goes where. Thanks for taking a moment to reply on the other thread here. Much appreciated.

Coach Scott, that was a very classy post and I'm sorry I flew off the handle so defensively. Thanks for explaining to me, you didn't have to, but that you did says many great things about you. If you've been training with an RKC like Dave, then you know plenty about KB use. Thus you do have a mentor of sorts and I stand corrected. My misunderstanding, I shouldn't have assumed.

As an aside, I would mention that learning KB's from an RKC is a very advisable course of action to follow, if you can. It can only help.

Hope to see you at an RKC some day.

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