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Confused...is this the right forum?


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I just read Pavel's book "Power to the People" and I am fired up to start his program. I was a competitive powerlifter in the mid-90's but I now intend to focus on Pavel's theory on training. Pavel states that you only need to do Deadlifts and Side-Presses and NO other exercises are needed...ever. But I noticed several posts in this forum talk about snatches, cleans and conventional bodybuilding exercises. Pavel actually speaks out against these movements. I am not trying to be confrontational but I was wondering why so many of his followers have modified his recommendations and are actually doing the opposite? Has Pavel changed his opinion on training and I have old info or have others grown bored with the basics?
Thanks for your input.
The Razor

Eric Bruesch

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Yes Razor, welcome!

Power to the People is Pavel's strength training manifesto. He also wrote Russian Kettlebell Challenge, which is a different exercise protocol using fixed-weight implements. There's lots of reading material on kettlebells-- check out the articles section.

With kettlebells, lots of people practice snatches and jerks for strength and endurance.

Plus, Pavel doesn't speak out against Olympic lifts that I am aware of. PTP does speak out against isolation exercises, and advocates full-body tension and compound exercises. I think Olympic jerks and snatches would qualify.

Welcome to the forum!


Fireman Tom

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You're at THE place for fitness info. Keep reading...

Pavel's PTP ideas are for people who want to do the minumum work for the maximum benefit. He advocates and endorses many different methods, but he knows that to reach certain goals you need to train in different ways. We all have different goals, body types, injuries, ages, etc. So of course we use and adapt his ideas as we see fit. You need to re-read PTP a few more times and also get some of Pavel's other books. He has a vast amount of knowlege and amazing abilities, so tap into them as find the methods that fit what your goals are.

Good luck in your endeavors,


p.s. Please be sure to post specific Qs on the board and address them to specific groups if you want (i.e. powerlifters, martial artists, etc.) so you can get really knowledgable opinions.


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Re: Yes Razor, welcome!

Thanks for the input. In regards to the Olympic lifts I believe he mentioned something about using sissy weights that can be lifted in one motion. I think his point was that you can lift alot more poundage in the deadlift than you can in say...the snatch. So your body is under more tension and stress with the heavy weights lifted in a slow manner.

This theory caught me off-guard because I had been gearing my training toward explosive movements to benefit my athletic ability. My training consisted of jerks, snatches and cleans. I read a post from Pavel that stated that weight training should be done to get stronger and not used to replicate any specific athletic movements etc... So anyway I went back to square 1 and that is concentrating on deads and presses. I am close to my old competitive powerlifting poundages and I am curious to see if I can best any of my old numbers.

Take care,
The Razor

Ken Willis

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Welcomce and more info

PTP is just one of many things that Pavel endorses and recommends. As some of the others said, alot of people have to adapt this training to suit their abilities/disabilities. Please do check out the articles section for further reading and always feel free to ask questions out here on the forum, you will find alot of good information to aid you in training. You may want to check out RKC book as well.

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