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Congrats to the new RKC's!!!


New member
Hey Dustin:

THANKS! Without you this would have never happened! What an experience! What a weekend! What a life-changing event! I know that life-long relationships were started this weekend!

Also, A BIG THANKS to TEAM KALLAS -- Team Leader, Dave and Assistants, Mike, Angela, and Andrea -- you guys/gals made this one of the best(?) weekends of my life! I know we will be exchanging e-mails and pics later this week.

Since I just arrived home after 11.5 hours on the road, I'll try to write more later -- but for now -- I'm going to bed!

Stephen "Steve" Ruiz, RKC -- I really like the way that sounds!


New member
Steve, great to meet you on the weekend.

11.5 hours... pffhh...seems like half a trip home to me... :)

Andrew Read, RKC!!


New member
Josh: It was awesome to finally meet you! I now have an autographed copy of How to Get Stronger at Work While Your Boss Isn't Looking. I can't wait to hear about your time with Dan John -- keep me posted!

Andrew: My new (only?) Aussie friend and fellow RKC! Great to meet you and share a brutal weekend together! Thanks for the reminder that my 11.5 hour trip is short compared to your trip back to Australia! Be safe and keep in touch!

Kai Johnson

New member
Congratulations to the new RKCs! Excellent work every single one of you...a reward well deserved.

Great job Steve. I've been checking your blog since the weekend to see how you did. I knew you had this one in the bag since you've been working hard for a while now.
Steve was an animal. He put all the punks who were half his age in the dirt. And he did it smiling and laughing. Right Steve?

I also heard rave reviews from more than one person on Steve's teaching ability. Class act all around.

MikeProvost RKC

New member
Good Job Steve

Great job at the RKC. I told you I wasn't just picking on you when I kept nominating you for the techniqe competition;) Great to meet and work with you, and thanks for your help with my health issues. RKC!!!


New member
Hey Mike: Thanks for the clarification -- I just thought you were picking on the "old guy" on the Team (LOL!). It was great to meet you and I'm sure we will get a chance to work together again in the future. Best of luck and let's keep in touch!
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