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Convict Conditioning: A must in boot camp, the results blew my mind


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Hello all fellow kettlebeller's and hardcore enthusiasts

I am currentlly on leave right now from Army basic training( on Holiday block leave) I have 3-4 weeks left of basic, and am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.....any way I am on here to give an update of my training status, before I left for basic I was following not much of a "set program" I kinda bounced around from program to program and never saw much progress. But being in a secluded Basic training envioremnt forces one to modify their training temoporarlly, so on my down time I picked up CC methods and implement them every night. Pistols, 1 arm pushups, bodyweight rows, bridges, etc.

I have never looked more jacked, and ripped. If basic is supposed to slim you down, well CC does the opposite. my PT scores are also through the roof.....CC rock, I just ordered CC2, waitingt for it before I go back.....ARMY STRONG


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Glad to hear that CC is helping you in a big way in your Recruit Training!. I wish I had the knowledge I have now back when I was 18 yrs old and entering the military. I read posts like yours and can't help but to feel a little envious - I know if I were in my late teens - early 20s I would join up in a nano second. Good thing about boot camp is that all diversions are stripped away, and you can really put everything into your training. I am surprised that they let you get a Christmas vacation during training. I can see where CC or NW principles would give one a big edge in Boot Camp!...Keep up the good work, and good luck in the Army!...Dennis
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