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Convict Conditioning and Army AIT


New member
Hello all,

I am happy to be back from US Army AIT, it went well, and I just wanted to post on my updates with CC.

I found it interesting because all I did was CC and gained 15 pounds. I just wanted to confirm that if you are joining the military or are in.....do CC!!!!

I wanted to ask the party if the goal of 100 pistols per leg is counter productive or usefull, Im going to do it, and have noticed good size and strength gains because if them but, just for kicks and giggles, is 100 per leg a yea or nay.


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Hello android man, thank you for your service!!! Would you mind if I pm'd you some questions about your experience at fort benning?


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Remember that any extra muscle is muscle you must feed and "carry" with you when humping the hills.

By extra muscle I mean muscle that gives you more strength than you need for your activities. This is the "warriors ride chickens" concept Pavel mentions in ETK or PTP (can't remember which).

Marathon runners have adequate strength to move their bodies at a fair clip over a long distance, but they don't get good at running those distances carrying extra body weight (muscle, fat, whatever).

When I was in the most effective grunts didn't have massive builds (or even looked like they had builds at all), but were strong enough, and mentally tough enough to accomplish their mission ... every day ... rain of shine. But the looks were deceiving, they were as strong as a horse!

I hope this makes sense?


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Thank you for your military service! If 100 pistols per leg is your goal then go for it! But depending on what the Army has planned for you on a daily/weekly basis you may have to scale back some stuff. I guess you are in the infantry..so you probably be doing force marching with all your 782 gear. The best grunts are lean and mean. Not small - but lean and wiry strong. Being able to ruck the trails from sun rise to sun set is what matters. ..Dennis
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