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Convict Conditioning


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Straight into it all. It is a bit complicated.

I need to know how you progress in Convict Conditioning.

Using the example of Jackknife Squats:

Beginner Standard: 1 set of 10
Intermediate Standard: 2 sets of 20
Progression Standard: 3 sets of 40

In the DVD video the narrator says that you train to reach the beginner standard- 1 set of 10. You then train week to week adding reps until you arrive at 1 set of 20. Once there you must add a 2nd set of 10. Once you reach 2 sets of 20 you need to add a 3rd set until you reach 3 sets of 40.

In the book it is written differently though. It basically says to meet the the beginner standard- 1 set of 10. Then add another set and train to meet 2 sets of 20. Then add another set to meet 3 sets of 40.

The DVD and the book's method for making progress is different. What now and what do I do? Which version do I follow?

Long post I know.

Keep well.
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I would go with the book. Actually I did. You will come to a conviction that it really doesn't matter in lower steps and, progressing, you will find out what is the best way for you.

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