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core destroyer/ glute nuker/ vertical leap improver/ ..and head turner


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I have been doing these for about 3-4 weeks now and the carryover is amazing, I LOOK BIGGER, FEEL STRONGER, AND KILL IT, I MEAN KILL IT ON THE BASKETBALL COURT.....what is it you ask......the 1 legged zercher squat.......i PR'D TODAY............I didnt have a camera.....but it was 175.....ill shoot it next time i squat an ill post


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Is this with the non-working leg held in front, like a pistol? or toward the back, like an airborne lunge?

Jason-HKC >>Now RKC<<
Sandan (3rd deg blackbelt)
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Steve W.

New member
I'm having trouble visualizing this.

I've done zercher reverse lunges before, which is the best way I've found to heavily load a lunge.
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