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Creatine Monohydrate - Doctor says stop !


New member
One for Sully maybe.
Both my GP and Endochronologist told me to stop taking the stuff.
I thought it was one of the safe ones to take ?
My blood test showed serum creatinine was 854 mmol/L (normal 44.2–106 mmol/L).
I had been taking ~ 1g per day for 2+ months.
After stopping, bloodwork returned back to “normal” levels.
I’m 53, 230lbs, type 2 diabetic, my deadlifting is approaching 400lbs on NLP.
I can’t really tell if the 2 months on it was making any strength difference. Just wondering if I can give it another try or should I actually avoid it ? ( they said diabetics have higher risk of developing kidney problems)
The blood test was just routine for my diabetes, ie I wasn’t experiencing any adverse effects whilst on creatine supplement. The diabetes is also under good control (with help from metformin.)


New member
From what I've remember reading if you already consume a lot of red meat or other natural creatine sources, you don't need to supplement. In fact you may be overdosing and the excess is not likely to have any effect other than to make your kidneys work harder.
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