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Critique my routine


New member
Goals: Fat Loss and Visible Abs

Routine: Every other day high rep DB snatches changing up the weight sets reps rest etc. every few workouts (i.e. today i did 20 sets of 5 reps in 20 minutes)

Diet: Eating clean, water only, cutting out all bad carbs, lots of protein and veggies. Counting calories to ensure Im in a deficit

Other: Power Breathing and vaccums throughout the day, Jandas (partials and negatives, 2 sets of 5 for each. Warrior Wellness daily.

Not sure what to do on days off from high rep DBs, im thinking tabata or guerilla cardio, and/or 1-1.5 hour walk 3.3-3.5mph at 2-4% incline.
Also wondering if i should add any other cardio on the high rep DB days?

Comments, input advice suggestiosne etc. always appreciated.
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