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Cure carpal tunnel with kettlebell snatch?


New member
I had an experience with my hands becoming stiff and weaker after doing a massive amount of keyboard work on a high stress project. After a few weeks I wondered if I was getting the carpal tunnel syndrome? BUT, I persisted with my usual KB routines and after each session I felt better. No problems, now.

My experience was with repetitive keyboard work, but my brother-in-law says he is getting carpal tunnel from carrying heavy suitcases full of product samples. No motion of fingers, just keeping the grip tight seems to be causing his problem.

I am reluctant to recommend kb snatches for him.

Have any of you experienced carpal tunnel problems by doing farmer's carry or deadlifts?

Moses Correa

New member
It may not be carpal tunnel, but an over-gripping issues(over-training) Of course only the doc can tell him that.
This is the very reason I have all of my clients do opposite motions or what I call "anti-grip" drills.
if I offer any advise it would be for him to get super joints and practice the reverse gripping mobility drills.
There is of course a medical exam as well.:)
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