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D.O.M.S. The Pain, The Paaiiinnnnnn........

Pedro Morales

New member
Hey Comrades,

This morning was round to with the Poodinator, I lost again of course. Tomorrow morning is round 3 :( I love that little evil Doohickey! Man, yesterday my training Partner lent me Scrappers Videos, man I did Scrappers (he’s Eviiillll too!) workout #1 on top of the beating I took yesterday, and man am I hurting today! I can barely walk, Old people where running circles around me laughing at me. The elderly can be cruel at times ::sigh::

This morning I did Two handed Swings, Squat Pulls on Stools, Two handed bottoms up Press, Single Hand Push Presses, Low Windmill & I got ½ way up with the Bottoms up Single hand Press, but the Kettlebell turned & Bit me on the forearm (ouch). I also attempted to do other lifts but was to fatigued to keep form tight and let me tell you something Hyperirradiation is not your friend when you are sore to the Bone! Well, I’ll be limping along now. Take care & Happy Kettlebelling!

Sincerely Pedro “Victim of DOMS” Morales


New member
Sore Butt.....better than sore back

The day after doing squat pulls, it's better to have a sore butt than a sore back.That means your form is improving. Later, your butt won't be so sore, then you can do MORE!

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Pedro, somebody call the wa-am-bulance! ;] n/m

Com. Pedro, somebody call the wa-am-bulance! ;] n/m
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