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Daily kettlebell


New member
I have been doing kettlebell daily but very low volume. I do 10 squats, 10 swings, then per arm; 3 overhead presses, 5 bent over rows and 2-3 one arm pushups with the 53 pounder. I'm still sore everyday which is why I am keeping the volume low. Last time I tried to grease the grove I over trained. Should I rest, or train through it? Is GTG not for everyone?


New member
Several possible issues come to mind that you might investigate:

1) Diet--not enough protein, not enough calories in total, or not enough nutrient rich foods i.e. vegetables. Any of those issues could make recovery difficult

2) Not enough rest--night time sleep quality and/or duration. Other things drawing down your energy level that might require more rest (see #3 and 4)

3) Stress and life complications that are dragging at your mind and preventing body's full recovery.

4) Health issues like chronic, systemic inflammation, undiagnosed chronic infections, metabolic disorders (like metabolic syndrome).

There might be others so I hope other members will post suggestions

Chris Hansen

New member
They recommend you GTG no more than two dissimilar exercises, like an upper body and a lower body. GTG isn't for full body workouts.

How long have you been doing this? You might need to add some rest days. It can take some time for the body to adapt and you might be able to slowly increase the frequency after a while.

People vary. Some respond better to more or less volume and more or less frequency and part of the trick is finding what works for you.
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