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David Whitley


New member
I am going to do the 1000 rep challenge.

I have been punishing myself with HOC style workouts mainly with a 2 pood. Using the 1 pood gives me a break of sorts. I have been wearing my x-vest with 10 for all of my training for the last 6 or 7 weeks. I did a hundred with each hand a couple of weeks ago in about 10 minutes so I figure an hour of snatching.

I had a couple of questions on one of your comments regarding the 1000 Rep Challenge Article.

Why use the "corkscrew" raising? I have never tried it raising. Does the corkscrew really help raising/lowering?

I'll run easy on Mon/Tue/Wed and give it a go on Wed afternoon.


David Whitley, RKC

The corkscrew is designed to save the grip. 40 minutes in to this thing you'll need that.

It also gives you somehthing to focus your mind on. For me it made the time pass more quickly if if i would do a few "sets" of ten with each hands in the cork screw and a few "sets" in the hard-style RKC way.

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