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Deadlift for bigger legs???


New member

I would start a bear program and specialy wants to have my legs to grow.
Pavel recommend deadlift for legs and not squat, is deadlift just as good???

chris m.

New member
Re: the bottom line is no

Bottom line, squats will make your legs grow more than the deadlift. The deadlift is recommended over the squat because it is easier to learn--therefore safer.

If you feel confident in your squatting technique, then the squat is better for increasing the mass of your legs. I highly recommend Rob Lawrence's article How and Why I Squat. If you are not familiar with the squat, but are reasonably coordinated expect about a month learning curve to safe proficiency and a lifetime of improving technique.


New member
Trap Bar Deadlift for bigger legs???

Trap Bar Deadlift works the legs more than regular Deadlifts and possibly more than squats. But squats are better for total body.


New member

Chris is right in that the squats will affect growth more than deads, but you absolutely must, try deadlifts from a platform. Also, follow Pavels instructions in PTP for the "duck" style deadlift.
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