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Diatomaceous Hands


New member
Have been using agricultural grade diatomaceous earth instead of chalking my hands this summer.
100 degrees and high humidity makes chalk build up on underside of kb handle, and leaves sharp ridges. Not good.
No chalk and my hands may be sweaty and slippery, or just tear skin loose when snatching.
Have tried food grade diatomaceous earth, but find it is more slippery. Does prevent tearing skin, though.
Bought a 40 pound bag of red earth diatomaceous earth from the local tractor supply store. (Bought it for the chickens, but noticed that the inconsistent grit size felt good when using kettlebells afterwards.) No slipping, no skin tears.
Cost me less than $25.
Now, I can snatch in summer. I used to only snatch spring and fall when weather is nicer here in the southeast.
Pa Kettle
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