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Diet Question


New member
I'm about 15-17% bodyfat and I wanna lean down to 12% at most. I'm gonna start training harder for the one arm chinup and hopefully get one by the end of the year.

I've looked around at a few different ideas. Intermittent fasting looks promising but I get too hungry and cannot focus which I need to. In order to be able to study.

The Kavaldos look like they avoid a lot of carbs potatoes and rice etc. But I workout 3 times a week and train jujitsu as well so need to be getting enough fuel.

Any ideas what I should do?


New member
IF (Warrior Diet for example) is a very good way to go for losing BF. It will strengthen your mental toughness and resolve in that it conditions you to gain CONTROL over what and WHEN you put food into your mouth. Your mouth is your last line of defense in controlling what you eat. It is in a sense your Final Gatekeeper. But first make it your Primary GOAL to become the master of your body. You learn to control your eating as you adapt. Your instincts about eating become sharper. You will make mistakes of course. But stay your course and keep trying. You should note that losing weight should not even be THE goal in this case. The weight loss will just happen as you gain control and mastery over what you eat. So become the MASTER. You did mention getting hungry and loss of focus. Thats because you have to adapt to IF. Begin with just making it to 12 noon. For three days - monday, wednesday, and friday. Baby steps - where you are in CONTROL. Gradually increase the blocks of time until you make it to 6 or 7pm. Then increase the days to 4,5,6 then 7. Take your time and you will adapt. Don't say you can't do it. About every 10 days reward yourself with a "free day". As for feeling hunger - Thats a good thing. Your not starving. Your just hungry. Hunger activates GHrelin - a hunger hormone that induces stress to the body that results in fat loss. HGH is also produced to an extent and also aids in fat loss. So embrace and welcome the sensation of hunger. That hunger sensation is making you stronger. Your mental toughness and mental sharpness is enhanced even more if you exercise while in a fasted state. And your end of the day Feast meal will taste fantastic...Dennis


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If you feel you need carbs, eat carbs. If you feel you need 2 meals or 6 meals, eat 2 or 6 meals. That's all. The most important is the amount of calories and not one more stupid "fashion" diet...


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I decided to stick with 3 meals a day at 2pm-6pm-10pm so still a 8 hour window. I'll also eat a banana or something before working out.

Gonna try it for 3 months so until my 25th birthday to see results.

Eoin Kenny

New member
Hey Robert, loosing weight is simply a matter of calories, DON'T let anyone tell you anything different. Now you can control a certain amount of water weight via carb/sodium intake, be careful not to confuse that weight with fat (that's why Atkins dieters always see quick results).

If you want a full proof plan use this meal planner and just watch the fat melt off you.
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Otherwise you have to use the filtration method. Weight yourself consistently and eat the same thing everyday, then after a week of measurements adjust the amount of food you eat to suit your needs.


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I would suggest 2 things.

1. Continue with your plans of training harder. This itself would be enough to help you lose weight.

2. Try to lessen the volume of what you eat. And as much as possible you have to eat full meals. By full meal, I mean eat enough so you don't feel hungry until the next meal. Avoid eating in between meals.

Hope this helps.
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