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Don't forget your water during this heat wave!


New member
Sometimes it's hard to tell what's good for you just by feel, so they say you should drink BEFORE you're thirsty. Be careful not to just "go by feel" when the weather conditions are this extreme! By the time being dehydrated becomes perfectly clear to you, you could be severely dehydrated and even in danger!

I'm just reminding everyone to drink up, to preserve their mood and health.
There's no substitute for water, and most of us supposedly drink too little. On these hot summer days, you need a lot. I've gone through over three gallons of it in two days! And I've only had very light work-outs and been entirely indoors.

Another thing: I was just hearing on the news that you should wait a half hour after coming into the gym before exercising on really hot days, as your core temperature can take a very long time to change. Enough so that you can't really tell very well by feel how hot you really are. The segment said that rushing into a work-out after coming in from the heat outside could strongly compound the heat strain on your body.
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