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Dont know what to do! [Newbie]

Will S

New member

I've been lurking around these forums for a while, and i have gotten hold of the PTP, and RKC. But i dont what to do!

My main goal is just pure strength [Functional too], but im not sure which would be better for me. I have enough cash for Either Kettlebells or a Barbell Set - I was wondering what is considered the best investment?

I've noticed most people here are using Kettlebells, and just a few [in comparison] lifters.

Any recommendations, Suggestions?

Oh, Plus: Weight loss is not really a biggie - slim enough as it is.

Will S.
I have barbells and kettlebells...

and I would miss the kbs more.I have a personal agenda when it comes to the basic powerlifts (deads,squats and bench). I also have an afinity for the clean and jerk with a barbell. These might be goals from my youth that, to me, equal real strength (I may have read Stuart MacRoberts too many times). If you dont have an attachment to barbells then go with the kettlebells.IF you take the time to learn all that you can really do with kbells you will not find any shortcomings in your functional strength. Later when you dont have to decide between them, get a barbell. Add some deads, cleans with front squats and maybe,if you are like me, floor presses and jerks. In the meantime you can develop more than you can believe with kettlebells. There are several good starter dvd's on this site but in the long run I would get Steve Cotters dvd's. Very functional, fun and you can scare your friends after a few months of practice.
I would ,either way, include a pull up bar in your routine.Add some Powerrings; add some sandbags. Dips, chins, inverted rows, handstands, carrys and presses are some of the things that are very functional AND very affordable with the above gear. Toss in an Indo board and you are well on your way to a truly quality gym! Just some thoughts! Ignore as you see fit! zach_x@hotmail.com

Will S

New member
Thanks mate [+ Slight review of NW]

Thanks Mate,

I have no alliance to either Bells or Bars. Im actually a Product of CC, and was slightly weight-phobic, so all i was doing was building and building up on BW Exercises. I was doing 300 Hindu Push ups, and 500 Hindu Squats, But when i tried 1-arm Push ups, i could choke out 3 and thought "WTF!? i thought i owned push ups".
I told a friend and he told me he had this Bodyweight book i might wanna read [Naked Warrior] but he had never go around to reading himself [He's p*ssed now that he's finally found out how goo it is], Anyways, I tried the GTG, and now im up to 17 straight 1-arms [L/R], and tried hindu push ups last night, and felt so comfortable and strong i got to the end of 300, and instead of weezing, wanted to do more. I ended up with 300 + 200 Hindu Push ups.

Now all i am interested in is increasing resistance and doing low reps.

High rep low weight doesnt improve max, but it works in reverse. [I guess you all know that] - But its new to me!

I have a feeling to bells will be my choice, they loook fun too. And i might get some weird looks [thats cool, im used to it - Neck Bridges in Gym = Ultimate Stares :) ]

Hmm. That was rather long. Maybe i should post a review for NW.


New member
Go with the Kettlebells...

Given your goals, I'd follow Zach's advice. It's sound. I hadn't bench pressed for almost 5 years last April, at which point I had been Kettlebell lifting for almost 2.5. I had to bench for a certification & was amazed that I benched 15 more pounds than I EVER had before! Crazy man, GET KETTLEBELLS!!! ; )

junky grip

New member

i would go with the barbells.if you are in to strength you can not go wrong with squat,deadlift,power clean and press.they are very functional as well.if you are just getting in to strength you will be jumping in weight. with a barbell you can add weight.kb is a great tool and i would get one when i could.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Will, welcome to the Party! Since you are not clear on what you are going to apply yoru strength to, either choice is good.
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