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Eat Stop Eat


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I am following the Eat-Stop-Eat intermittent fasting almost unconsciously now. It's really strange.. I am focusing on Paleo / Primal eating where I am cutting out the grains, processed foods, most dairy, etc. Just doing that really cuts down on hunger, and there are days where I simply do not feel hungry and end up going dinner-to-dinner without anything to eat. I do not even keep track of the days or do it on purpose; I just decide on various days whether I feel like eating or not.

Overall things have been very good. I started keeping track of my weight online in June 2010 and as of today I've lost 65 lbs. I havent been perfect in that timeframe but I have done 3 - 30 day challenges of strict, no excuses cutting out of grains, gluten, etc and each time averaged about 15 pound weight loss.

I've still got about 35 lbs more till my 'goal'. I've had two blood tests taken to track my progress and the last one (about three weeks ago) shows my good cholesterol going up 6 points, bad cholesterol going down 5 points, and I cut my tiglycerides in half (49) by cutting out the sugar. Blood pressure tested last week was good (118 / 60), fasting glucose is very low (72), etc. The benefits of eat stop eat along with Paleo so far have been fantastic. Very happy. :)


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Sure can do, no problems. I plan to take my meassures about every two weeks, and might post a progress update here about once a month.

Ok, so here's the first ESE/IF progress report (converted from kg's and cm's to lb's and in's, then rounded up/down to nearest 2 decimals....hope I got it right...):

4 fasts, about 32-34 hours each, over 2 weeks.

Weight: -1.32lb

Neck: +0.20in
Chest: -2.36in
Upper Waist: -0.79in
Lower Waist: -0.98in
Upper Thigh: -0.40in
Lower thigh: no change
Calf: no change
Upper arm: no change
Down 23 lbs total so far (from 225 to 202) in 2 months and 2 weeks. Weight loss is leveling off but fat loss is continuing (seems like I'm putting on more muscle lately).


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I recently read ESE and began implementing 2 fasts per week (I'm starting week 3 now). Just curious if anyone who posted previously has an update on their progress now that it's several months since the last post.

Sorry to resurrect the post but it was timely for me and thought it would be great to hear from everyone at this point. Anyone?


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I still do it once or twice a week, for 3 out of every 4 weeks. It's a great tool on Monday after indulging on the weekend. This week, I did 16 hours yesterday and will do 16 today and tomorrow. Probably fast for 24 on Thursday or Friday. The issue for me is I'm doing a high volume (Russian Bear kettlebell) program for the next 4 weeks and think that doing it twice a week does not fit with the goals of the program.


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After 11 months of 2 fasts per week, I am taking a break. I started at 210 and was down 30 pounds within about 4 or 5 months. I also did kettlebell burn 2.0 while ESEing which contributed as well.

My weight has held steady @ 180 while still eating bad stuff a couple days a week over the past 6 months.

I started kettlebell muscle three weeks ago and decided to stop ESE for the purpose of doing something different and maximizing muscle gain.

I will jump right back into ESE once that program is completed.


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I'm no longer doing ESE, but my weight loss has held steady. Before ESE I was around 230 lbs. I'm steady at 195-200 now. Good stuff.


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my first post, tho I've been lurking...

This is my 2nd week of ESE, im in the middle of my 3rd fast.. some notes:
- my post-fast meal is not huge, surprisingly.. I get satisfied with a decent amount of food. However, about 30 minutes later i absolutely crash.. I hope to play around with this, and perhaps time my post-fast meal close to bedtime

- Like everyone else, lots of energy while fasting. drinking coffee and tea REALLY helps with hunger...

How is everyone's experience with strength training process on this diet? I am curious to see if I would need to cycle out of this diet for something like PTTP to get some real strength gains (although PTTP does talk about gaining strength without gaining muscle). Cheers


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I have been lurking on this thread for a while as I am interested in giving ESE a try.

I am amazed at how easy these 24 fasts sound. I get so hungry throughout the day even when I eat three regular meals. I don't know that I could handle not eating for 24 hours. Has anyone had trouble with the fasts or has everyone found them fairly easy?


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When you first begin ese - if you find that 24 hrs is too long a time to go without food, just work on skipping bkfst only for 2 days per week. Remember not to do any compensatory eating - that means you eat your lunch the same way as if you had bkfst. Some people need to transition into the program that does not give such a shock to the system as others. After 2, 4, or even 6 weeks see if you can also skip lunch. It helps to be active or busy throughout the day. Drink water, coffee, or tea...Dennis


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That's different from my experience. When I did ESE, I found it easier to eat nothing than trying to eat a little. The first few times were difficult, but they get easier and easier from then on. You will find your energy levels are quite high on the fasting days also. At least that was my experience. Definately an eating style that was sustainable permanantly if you wanted to go that route


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I have been lurking on this thread for a while as I am interested in giving ESE a try.

I am amazed at how easy these 24 fasts sound. I get so hungry throughout the day even when I eat three regular meals. I don't know that I could handle not eating for 24 hours. Has anyone had trouble with the fasts or has everyone found them fairly easy?

I've been doing ESE the last week and a half. I did a 24 fast last sunday to test it out. Felt fine, and I was one of those 6 meal a day types. Yes, it was a bit of a mental challenge, but overall not bad. Energy levels were good.

I did one yesterday, and felt even better. I hardly noticed I hadn't eaten for 24 hours.


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I tried my first 24 hour fast yesterday. I mainly wanted to see if I could do it and what it would be like. Once I started I decided I would not quit no matter how hungry I got.

I had cereal in the morning, had a good heavy workout an hour later and didn't eat again until breakfast this morning.

Although I made it it was tough. I was really hungry from about 11 am until I went to bed at 11 pm. I was at home most of the day watching and taking care of my kids. It was tough to fix meals and snacks for them without eating.

I'll probably try another fast after the thanksgiving holiday. I doubt it will be any easier due to the time in between the two fasts.


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Why don't you instead eat dinner, sleep, then fast until your next meal.

Eating junk food (all cereal is junk food in my opinion) and then trying to fast for 24 hours sounds like the hardest possible way to go about it.


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I agree with the Chief. The other thing is when you wake up, your 1/2 way done. Plus utilize that energy you have when you fast. About 17 18 hours in, you feel like you have a wind behind your sail.
Dan, give yourself a couple of days between fasts. Like a Monday and Thursday, if you do it twice a week. It's just mentally easier.

Also, the beauty of fasting is it teaches you to control hunger. You don't feel the need to eat every 3 hours. After doing 24, not eating for six isn't a big deal.
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