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Explosive movements carry over to grinding movements?


New member
I know heavy grinds help translate to better explosive movements, but how much is this true the other way around? For example, would training the jerk with a 2-pood affect a 1.5 pood press significantly?

Walter Dorey

New member
Indubitably! Push pressing or jerking a heavier...

weight will most definetly make pressing a lighter weight strictly a lot easier. Test it yourself. Press the 1.5 pood for a rep. Rest. Jerk the 2pood for a few reps. Then press the 1.5 pood. It will be easier. This effect can be immediate.

Also, going on a cycle of heavy jerks or push presses and the the next cycle dropping to strict MP equates to a heavy MP.

What I like doing:

strict press for a set or two
add weight and push press for a few sets, adding weight each set
then when you get to a weight that's to heavy to push press start jerking it. add weight and jerk . Then lighten the load and strict press for a few sets. Try that for a cycle, it really pushes your weights up.

Walter, RKC
Depends on how you do the exercises

If you do push presses or jerks with slow negatives, they will help you with presses. Also, push presses and jerks can be confidence builders that help you get used to a heavier weight. However, the transfer is limited as explosive movements do not work the intial drive which is often the sticking point.

My advise would be to do presses on day and then push presses on another day with slow negatives.

Mike Mahler http://www.mikemahler.com


New member
interesting to note

John Davis pressed alot in training and his best jerk was only a little bit more than his press.
Arthur Saxon said to raise the weight in the press "until you are compelled to jerk" it. The difference between his press and jerk was quite substantial.
On the other hand, John Davis deadlifted well over 700 lbs. as a result of snatching and cleaning.
Something to think about, Tim.

Walter Dorey

New member
one point about the jerks...

As mike said they will build confidence in a heavier weight and a slow negative, fighting the weight or "pulling" it down will help.

But most simply let their arms go along for the ride in a jerk and lock out at the top. Purposely try to "overrun" the momentum of the bar you created with the dip and drive on the jerk. Your arms should be driving as hard as possible even on a jerk or push press. BIG difference in outcome of helping the sticking point coming off the rack in a strict press.


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