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Fantasy Sports: I don't get it.

Philip Ross

New member
I may ruffle a few feathers, but so what? I was reading an article featuring Brandon Jacobs of the NY Giants. Now, I'm not a huge Brandon Jacobs fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I agree with him wholeheartedly. He was receiving threats and abusive comments on Twitter and other internet sites for his performance in games by Fantasy Football fans. Then the poor guy was out to dinner and one of these knuckleheads approached him and told him to "get healthy & play better, you're costing me points in my fantasy pool". You have to be kidding me! These are professional athletes, they are highly skilled and train at the highest level. They are trying their best to do their best at all times.
You may be asking "What does this have to do with training?" Well, everything. Did you ever see most of these "Fantasy Players"? They look like they have seen the right side of a push-up or haven't missed out one night at the all you can eat buffets. If they spent half of the time they "play" in their little fantasy worlds, they'd be in great shape and maybe have a little more respect for the effort that athletes they curse out put forth in preparation to play.
Guys, I doubt any of them are reading this, why don't you get off of your computer and drop to the floor and attempt 10 push-ups. After that, try a few sit-ups, bridges and squats. If you are not thoroughly exhausted, attempt another round. Do this everyday and form a good habit.
Fantasy "Players", I'm challenging you to hold yourselves to the same standard that you hold the athletes to - do something useful and productive with yourselves and your bodies. Hey - You might even like what happens - if you can stick with it long enough. :)

Strength & Honor,

Coach Phil


New member
On a SORT OF related note, I don't get MMA fans who don't practice the martial arts. I don't have anything against them PER SE, but I truly hate when lazy loudmouths boo and pass severe judgement, and this seems to usually come from the audience members who can't be bothered to seriously train themselves. The life of ANY professional athlete is hard enough, but when you put what an MMA fighter has to go through and master, you've gotta take a step back and give the respect. I was at a party where some people were telling me this and that about how guys like St Pierre and Patrick Cote should fight, and it turned out they themselves had never trained in anything. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I know from my own training experience that getting into the cage is nowhere near the cakewalk people like to make it out as.


New member
I watch very little sports anymore. As a kid sure you have your athlete heros. BTW my childhood hero athlete was O.J Simpson. Now he is Simpson the murderer. My times have changed. I have relatives who undergo severe moments of anger and even tears when their team loses. Whats that all about? Could it be that some people lack any sense of self worth or success that have live outside themselves every chance they get whether it be sports, politics, tv, or video games. The former high school football star 30 years later, and 40lbs heavier who is now wider around the beer belly than he is tall may feel that only glory left in life is to thumb through that old HS yearbook or to bask in the reflected glory of todays sports stars..some of which is pretty dubious and jaded. Feel sorry for them. Just like the 35 yr old who frequents the strip bar and honestly believes all the strippers in the club have the hots for his studly self. Life is to short for BS...Dennis

Chris Hansen

New member
I suppose everyone needs something to distract them from life once in a while, some more than others. It surprises me how important it is to some people. Fantasy football players geek out over it more than any Star Trek fan I've known.


New member
Hmm... this may sound like I'm playing the devils advocate but if you have the nerve to walk over to a professional football player and tell him to "get healthy & play better" - you got to have some balls, some serious martial arts skills, 23" bicep or all of the above.



New member
But I'm in complete agreement with the OP about most monday morning quarterbacks! (And I need to log off and do some pushups now...)


New member
Holy crap lighten up. I play fantasy football. I'm pretty cutthroat about it. I want my players to do well, and I want the actual games to proceed in a way that gives me more points. But I have no illusion that any real NFL player should have any interest in anything other than contributing to a W.

If not for FFB, I wouldn't be able to discuss football with normal people. I'd be clueless otherwise. And it makes watching games more interesting, because I care more than I would otherwise.

I'm in decent shape.

Who cares if there are a few bad apples for whom FFB is their life.

Philip Ross

New member
Brad - anything in moderation is good - as long as it's just for fun. I'm not addressing guys like you. I referring to the guys who LIVE for this stuff and become delusional.
I could not believe that real players are actually get death threats! Pathetic.


New member
This whole argument seems silly to me. The point of these sports is ENTERTAINMENT. If not for the fans, there would be no pro athletes. Do fans really believe they know more than the pros? Probably not, but armchair QBing is part of the fun. If you hate that fans have opinions, you probably shouldn't be a pro athlete. Having an expectation that your team's fans will cheer you when you do well, but not be down on you when you do poorly is unreasonable. With all that said, there are lines not to be crossed. Accosting an athlete away from the field to berate him is just being a douche.
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