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Femme Fatale?

Dan Cenidoza

New member
I was thinking about getting my wife the "From Russia with Tough Love" video for Christmas. My question is how much information is covered that is NOT in the RKC video?


New member
At $30 for over an hour I think it is well worth it and a good choice. There is certainly stuff on FRWTL that is not on RKC, but I don't really remember how much.

Lisa Shaffer

New member
There are more lower body exercises in FRWTL, which as you know is usually what women are more interested in.

Box Squat
Good Morning Stretch
One Legged DL
One Arm DL
Deck Squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Bottoms up Clean and press
Dragon Walk

These are the exercises from the book. I haven't seen the video but I'm sure this is what is covered.


Mike Krivka

New member
Best video to date....

at least in my opinion. A wider variety of exercises are covered with a more 'instructional' feel to it... a good value and very watchable.Mike Krivka, RKC

Jason Paul

New member
A few specifics...

First off, I got FRWTL for myself with the hopes that my wife would join in. It just seemed to give more bang for the buck than the RKC DVD. I got it because it was twice as long and cost $5.00 less.

So as you can see from Lisa's post, FRWTL has quite a few more exercises in it than RKC - specifically lower body drills as mentioned. Another nice thing is that Pavel also goes a bit into power breathing and tension, which aren't really covered in the RKC DVD. As you may know, these two things play a big role in a lot of Pavel's stuff, including KB grinds.

However, there are a few exra things in RKC that aren't in FRWTL. First, it has a different feel because you actually see Pavel doing the drills. As for specifics, there are more details about variations on the military press, it covers the side press, bent press, and the two-hands anyhow. I think RKC does a little better job of laying out how to actually design a routine.

So, overall, I think I got more for my money with FRWTL because it has several more exercises and includes the quick lessons on breathing and tension, and it's only "missing" a few drills. I must say though, that I've gotten quite a bit of information from both DVDs.

Hope this helps.

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