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Finally back! Tonight's practice...


New member
I went to South Carolina for 10 days for a medical conference called TedMed. What a crazy trip! I learned so much, saw some amazing things (like plastinated body parts...freaky!), and spent wayyyy too much time away from my Kbells.
Anyways...tonight's practice...

50 swings (21 - pause holding bell at all times, 14, 15)

2 x 3 + 3 - military press (21 lb)
alt with
6 to 10 - front squat (two 1 pood bells)

3 x 3 - windmills (21 lb overhead, plus a 35 lb bell on the floor for my other hand)
alt w/
3 x 3 - one legged deadlift (35 lb)

Took the elevator downstairs and then brought the 35 and 21 pounders back up all 21 flights. Had to pause a few times.

Good workout - but even better to be back. Thanks for reading, good training to you.

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