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First ,stop thinking of training body parts and start thinking

Lisa Shaffer

New member
of training movment patterns. Choose a push, pull, core and leg exercise.

For example
Military press and it's variations (push) will work your shoulders, chest arms and back

One arm rows or Snatch is a pull and it will balance the pressing and work your lats, traps, arms, shoulders and chest.

TGU or Winmdill are good core exercises and they will target your abs, obliques and lower back (plus alot of other stuff as well).

Front Squats, Lunges, Swings, will work your legs well plus your core.

It could be broken down farthur but for simplicities sake, since you are a beginner, this will work just fine. You will get a well balanced, overall body workout. Now the number of reps and exactly what exercise you want to do depends on your goals.

Hope that helps.

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