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Fitness Minimalism


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'Lo All,

I've been ridiculously pressed for time here lately, so I've been trying to come up with a plan that will still suit my fitness needs while being time efficient, 20 minutes (or preferably less) each day. I based this on the Veterano plan from CC combined with swings, snatches and TGUs. Please let me know if I'm approaching this the wrong way.

Mon & Thurs: CC Progression Pushups; 10 minutes of snatch practice

Tues & Fri: Pullups and TGUs

Wed & Sat: CC Progression Squats: 10 minutes of swing practice

The snatches are truly practice days, as I'm working out some form issues (hand destruction!) but for swings I'm slowly working up to swinging 10 minutes straight. When that is achieved, I'll move up a bell size and start back small. I figure each of these can be done in roughly 15 minutes as long as I don't lollygag around.

Tania Poletti

New member
I've been trying to come up with a plan that will still suit my fitness needs?

What are your fitness needs? This is like saying I want to lose weight...that's all good and well but how much weight do I want to lose and by when...

Nut out the specifics of your fitness needs ie put on size (how much, by when), increase strength (say your Press - goal weight and reps (5 x 32kg) by when)... Does that make sense?

This way you can then devise a training plan specific to your goals and hence make better use of the 20min you have a day...

Train smarter - not harder - get specific with goals, devise a plan to meet those goals and work efficiently and make your 20min effective...


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TomFurman, love the article. My thinking exactly. By attempting to minimize my program, I eliminate excuses, and I can workout nearly anywhere.

Ms. Poletti, my fitness needs are to be strong and look good with my shirt off. Very original, I know. I've started seriously addressing the diet aspect of trimming up (not FAT, but not happy with my look either), now I just want to get a good fitness regimen going that fits in with my busier schedule.


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What you're doing is great. Swings push ups is a great workout. I prefer doing it EDT style and seeing how many reps I can get in a 20min time frame, same with Squats + swings. Two great workouts. Pull ups and TGUs works because neither compete allowing you to get a lot of work in.

Good choices.


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Looks good to me. My daily base program is this:
2x25 Swing with a 106lb bell
2x50 pushups
25 weighted situps 35lb plate
20 snatches r/l 53lbs bell
Takes 10 minutes


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I look forward to seeing the results, too. It's a hard thing to be strong but look like I just left the Shire. OK, that's exaggerating, a bit, but it feels that way.

MI_KB'r- That's a BadA$$ daily, there. I do realize now that some core work needs to be addressed while I'm at it. Good things planks are quick and effective!
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