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Fitness stuff for sale in southern California....


New member
Hey all I am selling some fitness stuff that I no longer have need of. I am selling 2- 90 pound Dumbells, 2-105 pound dumbells, Monkey Bar gym equipment, and a few Dragon Door Books.

Monkey Bar equipment is as follows.
- jungle gym
- 3 black cable bands
- tnt
- power jumper with 2 bands
- power pushup
- pullup revolution
-train station
-heavy jump rope
( all products will sell for $20.00 a piece........if you buy all monkeybar stuff, then i'll give it to you for $100.00)

Dragon door products are
- power to the people
- power to the people professional
( selling each for $20.00)

the 90 pound dumbell set is $90.00/ and the 105 pound set is $100.00

Hit me up here on the forum, or buy email

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