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Fortunes of War.


New member
Having trained soviet troops in Afghanistan and now that Pavel is doing the same for U.S troop I wonder if he reflects on the irony of this and how bizarre lifes twists and turns are? Or does he just get on with it? I suspect the latter(thats a compliment!)


New member
From Pavel's comments on the differences between the US and Russia, I'll bet he recognizes the irony. And appreciates the morality of his present mission.


New member
He was interviewed a while back on Fox and the interviewer commented on the irony of how he is now training his former "enemies". He commented that it is interesting how history goes in circles. Sorry I don't have the exact quote. It was a great interview, I was impressed by his composure and intellect.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Guy, the irony has not been lost on me ;] It's a brave new world.
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