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Garm and Party-squat workout log for week 2


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This is some tough stuff. I made some changes this week in terms of the additional exercises in the program. There's only so much ATP to go around.

Hardest day for me by far.
Pullups, 1x9, 1x6
Bench, 271 1x5, 243 1x5
Squat, 265 4x9
SLDLs, 176 1x10, 195 1x10, 209 2x10, 195 1x10
This was really tough. I was too trashed to do any ab work. I stopped using the thick bar for the SLDLs because the grip was too damn much.

Pullups, 1x9, 1x6
Bench 276 1x4, 248 1x5
Pullups, 1x9, 1x8, 1x7
KB Press 2x10 (2 pood)
Wheel 2x5
weighted situps 2x5
Good recovery day except for the bench, very pissed about that. After this day, I stopped lifting at home and went to the base fitness center.

Pullups, 1x9, 1x6
Bench, 280 1x5, 250 1x5
Squat, 282 5x7
Good day, squats felt better than Monday.

Pullups, 1x9, 1x6
Bench, 290 1x3, 260 2x3
SLDLs, 160 1x10, 195 3x10
Weighted crunches on pulldown machine, 150 3x10
Felt very good today, decided to wrap up bench cycle. Will try for 290 1x5 for end of next bench cycle.

Squat, 300 7x5
Weighted crunches, 130 4x8
Tough day, but feel ready for tommorrow. I can feel myself adapting to the volume of the program.

Squat, 317 10x3
weighted crunches, 130 3x10
wheel, 1x5
These squats felt pretty easy. After the first 3 sets I was on auto pilot. I look forward to adding the 10 pounds next week and working up to a new max.




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My Turn


I made some changes, too. The next time I do this, I'll have a better idea of just how much assistance to add and when to add it. The bottom line is that I'm going to try to do less on SQ/DL days and more on 'rest' days.

Week 2

Monday bodyweight: 282

Monday: Bench 355x5, 320x5. Squat 135x3, 225x1, 315x1, 395x9x4. SLDL 205x10, 250x10, 270x10, 290x10, 250x10.
This day was simply brutal.

Tuesday: Bench 360x4 (very hard), 325x5. Seated PBN 230x5, 200x5, 185x5x3. DB Row 150(each)x5, 120x5, 110x5x5. DB Hammer Curl 75 (each)x5, 70x5, 65x5x3. BB Triceps extension 135x5x3.

Wednesday: Bench 360x4 (very hard), 325x5 Squat 425x7x5.

Thursday: Bench 360x5 (very hard), 325x5. Time to give bench a rest and reset the cycle. SLDL 205x10, 225x10x4 Triceps Extension 140x5x4. Close Reverse Grip Pulldown 200x5, 190x5, 180x5x7. BB Curl 135x5, 155x5, 135x5x3

Friday: Squat 450x5x7. No Bench. This was the hardest day. By the 4th set I actually felt like quitting, which hardly ever happens to me.

Saturday: Squat 480x3x10. Triples are easier for me than any of these other rep schemes. Very sore from prior day, but no real pain. I know I can do 3x10 with at least 10 more pounds next week.


+ Squatting like this is brutal. All days are tougher than any generic 3-lift program I have done. The seven sets of 5 day was the worst one, but I had a lot of driving that day and missed some sleep the nights before.
+ Not a lot of energy on Squat days for any other exercises. Next time I will only bench 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) with greater bench volume. May do a 2-day PTP Bear format for bench next time and omit any triceps assistance work.
+ SLDL and SQ is OK on same day, but no more than that.
+ Still gaining weight - 1 to 2 pounds a week. That's OK, but I'll need to get down to 274 before the next meet. 285 is the most I can allow myself to reach.
+ This week the bench cycle stalled early. Took a few days off and will start a new cycle on Monday. Raising my raw squat is the primary objective, so none of the other stuff matters much. As long as I don't lose bench and DL strength, everything is cool.

One more week like this, and then we test for a new mid-routine max!

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