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getting back into the swing of things, and the WTH effect


New member
I have to admit that for the life of me, Im rather indecicive( did I spell that right.....oh well who cares) Do I want ice cream or a protein shake, vanilla or chocolate, swings or no swings.

Well I did decide to get back to swings, so ive been doing them again 3 times a week. And I have to say that in addition to ridding my bike to work everyday, the WTH effect is back in buisness. I feel and perform like the energizer bunny on the basketball court, and someone asked me what I was doing to play like a "beast" on the court, so I told them.......swings. The guy looked at me like I was into that wierd kettlebell craze thats going around these days. "Is that the kettle-ball looking thing?" I smile on the inside and think to myself.....If I was stuck on an island and was forced to do 1 movement for the rest of my life, it would be swings....with that kettle-ball looking thing.


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Praise to the WTH effect on the KB swing and other moves. My best buddy has been joking so with me so what do you do with these "jail ankle weights" or "kettleballs". I just said swing, press and carry them.

Few weeks ago we went fishing. He is carrying to the beach his cooler filled with ice hoping we have a nice catch on salt water. He complains about how heavy it is and his grip is giving out. On the way back he asks me to carry it, granted we had a couple catches.

Thanks to the swing, and farmers walk with a couple 28s and 32s I enjoyed the suitcase carry and not a strain. He makes a comment "you make that cooler look light". I reply "you know, its those jail ankle weights".
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