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Got A Non-Workout Question


New member
Hey, everyone. I know this isn't even remotely close to the general subject matter of this site, but I figure I can maybe get a straight answer on something: What does it mean when somoene follows you on Google+? Does that mean that they can track what you do, that they're updated on your posts, what?

I don't have any videos up on anything or a blog, so I'm a little confused as to why someone would be following me in the first place. I just post on forums from time to time. Maybe someone has been looking at similar things & like what I had to say? Do people just follow the whole list of people that have commented on their videos in one swoop?

Don't mean to sound spooked or anything, just have a lot of questions on the subject.


New member
I have little knowledge of computers. I am soooo last century! I do not even own a cell phone. Landline works very well for me - thank-you. However, there is the problem of the lack of telephone booths if I need to make a call. I'm probable stuck with having to actually buy a cell phone in the near future. I have noticed that I am the only member of my family immediate/extended sans cell phone. But as to your post - it sounds like high tech internet stalking. I think it to be very impolite to follow someone with out even a proper introduction. Maybe you should follow them back and see if they like it!!hehehe!!!...Dennis
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