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Got a plug in for a Pavel technique in an article.


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Pavel at one time said that you could maintain leg strength while focusing on the deadlift by doing a pistol with the 45/35/25 lb plates as you unloaded the dead lift bar.

I mentioned this in the LiveSpills comments in my article on TMag, which is based on information from two DragonDoor alumni, Jack Reape and Eddie Kowacz.

Lots of DD methodology included. I will not link to this, as I'm respecting the forum.


I saw that you had an article up there only moments ago. Haven't read it yet though.

I used to follow a blog that you had some years ago and read it every other day or so but for some reason it moved or something, not sure what happened, do you still write a blog anywhere? I remember it having great info on MA, weapons, and other training ideas.

Good to see you're still around.

*edit* Cool, I just read the article and I see that you now have your own website. It was nice to see mention of the Green Ghost as well. And, ah, I had no idea that your uncle was Charles Bronson. I guess you learn something new every day :)
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