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Greg Ellis and his X-cellr8 website problem


New member
Sorry, I wish I can address this problem somewhere else.. like his website, but unfortunately www.xcellr8.com has no way of contacting so id figure id post where I was influenced to order this product. I went to this website, I ordered the supplement, and nothing is happening. I finalized the order and I got no receipt in my email or anything. I just gave out my information and thats all she wrote. Its been about three days now.. I tried emailing Greg Ellis but even his email is not working. So right now there is NO way of contacting his website or even tracking my order. Did anyone else have similar problems ordering this? How long did it take to come in the mail? Does he use UPS? thanks for your help

Polish Tim

New member
Dude, I'd call your Credit Card Co and cancel order

if they respond then you can reorder. This cost me over $700 on another "reputable" site in phony charges being racked up in Italy. I'm not saying anything bad about Ellis but until they respond I'd cancel the order thru your CC company to play it safe, the info could have been intercepted by someone else.
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