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Handstand on a Chair - a tutorial


New member
On my blog, I just posted a tutorial for performing a handstand on a chair. I performed this regularly while on a gymnastics exhibition team a few years back and it still remains one of my favorite skills.

It helps if you have a press handstand down first, but I'll be posting up a press handstand tutorial in the near future for those who are working towards one.

Here's my blog with the tutorial:

Hope you enjoy!


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Your blog rocks! I really like all the pictures and explanations. To me, bodyweight exercises like that are more impressive than gym lifts!


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Awesome! That's something I want to learn eventually but I'm a way off. Can't wait for Coach Sommer's handstand book if it ever comes out!


great handstand!

and excellent blog as well.Very well done progressions.Have you done any walking up stairs on your hands? upstairs is hard but down is brutal,lol!!



New member
Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone. I'm just using the blog as a place where I can post up my general progression, exercises, and some tutorials when I have adequate expertise.

I'm hoping to post some short video clips in the near future, but I'll have to wrestle the work camera away from the office. I think some clips will help further clarify things.

Rifstonian - I haven't done any concentrated handstand training with steps. Although I have played around in some nice flat, wide steps at my University. Fun and brutal!
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