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Hanging Heavy Bag Ideas?

Rich Hav

New member
Anyone have any ideas on how to hang a heavy bag in a appartment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I bought a free standing bag stand for my basement, since hanging it from the floor joists shook the house. I learned two things: first, make sure you kick it head on--any motion toward the supporting rods can bend them if you kick it hard enough; and second, keep the bolts tight, since again, any play can result in it breaking or collapsing on you.



New member
I got the perfect solution If you got the bucks Go to balazsboxing.com and buy their freestanding one station. you can even get a chining attachment. I live on the ninth floor of a building in Chicago and when i slam my 135 pound Thai bag nothing vibrates or shakes.

Rich Hav

New member
Thanks for the suggestions.

I will look into it. Was actually hoping for a home made variation of a hanging bag set up.

I have seen welded metal squares about sixteen inches. With a mount welded to the middle and mounted directly to the supports.

The one I used had a single thick eye hook welded into it and it broke. I am trying to figure out something a little sturdier. Maybe weld a bag mount directly on to the metal square.

Thanks for the ideas.

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