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hanging leg raises help please...


New member
Okay, so heres my question(s)... I do pullups from a doorway mounted bar which when I hang with arms extended my feet touch the ground, in fact the middle of my shins will touch, when doing the leg raises is it okay to raise just my knees or should i just extend my legs out infront of me off the floor? Also, am I brining my legs up high enough to make a 90 degree angle or am i curling my body so my legs go up to the bar? Thanks everyone, sorry if this is a ridiculous question.

Tyler Hass RKC

New member
It is best to get a full hang, but you must work with what you have. You do want to touch your shins to the bar. Your body will have to bend, in fact, most people fail because they try to bend at the hips only.
One option is to start at 90* and then bring your shins to the bar. This is actually harder.



New member
Your in a tough position (pun intended).....

1) read Simon Forsyths article.

2) you need to get your legs straight as soon as you can clear the floor

3) the whole idea is to get your feet to your hands without bending your legs. Very hard and nothing wrong with bending till you can do them.
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