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Heavy press issue: Advice needed


New member
I just got a 32kg kettlebell up from the 24kg. I seem to be able to press it overhead with my left non-dominant arm, but not my right. I am able to press the 24k 10 consecutive reps either arm. I do have a mild trap injury on my right side currently, maybe that is contributing. I also get a sharp pain in a tendon in my right elbow occassionally, which goes away usually with rest and only shows up if I do a lot of pressing. Perhaps indicating a tendon injury that is contributing to the difference. Its also possible I have asymmetrical fatigue from jiu jitsu. Anyway I want to address the strength imbalance. I am wondering if I should:

1. Take a long rest and see if corrects the issue.
2. Do jerks on my right side until I can strict press ( assuming this is possible to bridge the gap this way)
3. Revert back to the 24k bell and try to build strength through more volume at the lighter weight.

I am also open to other ideas and all advice appreciated.


New member
I would pay attention to your body. That pain is likely a warning sign that you should lay off for a bit, or concentrate on other things, legs, abs, etc. It definitely sounds like the injury is a contributing factor. The other thing is that you are jumping from a 24kg kettlebell to a 32kg. That is a big jump under the best of circumstances. Rest, applying ice and getting it checked by a doctor could possibly save you from a bigger injury later. The other thing I would recommend is to get yourself a 28kg kettlebell as the next step. There is no law that says you have to jump straight from the 24kg to the 32 kg. When you are ready, get a 28kg, when you press it like you absolutely own that weight, then make the jump to the 32kg.
Best of luck with your training.


New member
I want to update a long rest did help! I took 10 days off and after was able to press the 32k bell with both arms. Now I can rep it twice consecutively with both arms.
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