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Hex Dumbells & Pavelizer classic for sale in Jacksonville, FL


New member
I posted this last week - just wanted to post it one more time. I have a set of hex dumbells, 10 lbs. up to 70 lbs., 5 lb. increments, missing only the 65s. Asking 35 cents per pound. Dumbbell rack, asking $125. Anyone in the Jacksonville, FL area who's interested, or if you know anyone who would be, please e-mail me at aak99214@earthlink.net (or respond to this post).

Will only sell as a set. I'm trying to free up some space in the garage - I plan to use the money to buy a couple more KBs. To sweeten the deal I'll throw in a Pavelizer classic for free (then I can get a Pav II :))
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