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Hip flexor problem... Pavel?


New member
I have had problems with tight hip flexor for years. I've been always sitting a lot until nowdays I try to avoid unnecessary sitting. Sitting makes my lower back hurt. One of the most annoying problems is the running posture. It feels that my hips are not nearly in normal position.

My hip flexors are really strong. I can do sit-ups with considerable weight for reps.

I have tried isometric stretching, RiS, plyometric stretching... Forced relaxation about 2-4 times a week lately, which has helped a bit. I feel that my running posture has got a bit better.

I have been doing isolation ab exercises for about 5 months now. Janda sit-ups etc...

I have been doing "hip flexor" stretches for half a year already. Am I on the right road? What do you suggest?


New member
I have had similar problems and all the stretching and strengthening in the world didn't help. I finally saw a chiropractor who does Active Release Technique. She felt that my psoas and quadratus lumborum were so tight that they were "stuck" to each other. She dug around in there and got both to release and unstick from each other. I have gotten tremendous relief from this. When they were really tight and working against each other, stretching would actually make things worse.

Kai Johnson

New member
I Regularly stretch my hip flexors, but in conjunction with that foam rolling has really helped my muscles get looser and feel good all the time. I lightly roll almost every day before workouts and a couple times a week really spend some time later at night.

I just got a Blue RumbleRoller. It's hard to describe just how awesome this thing is. It's like starting foam rolling all over again.

If you are new to foam rolling I might suggest you get a good regular roller and get used to it before getting the RumbleRoller though.


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I had a similar problem when I started running. Focusing on pulling the tailbone down and stretching the lower back while running helps. It took about a year of regular hip flexor stretches to really get loose enough to not have discomfort. I would also recommend the hurdler stretch s it help a lot. From the basic position lean back and turn toward the straight leg and take deep abdominal breaths to really stretch the hip flexor. I found most stretches to only hit the hip flexor where it passes over the hip into the thigh, the leaning back twisting hurdler stretches the whole length of the hip flexor especially where it goes from the front of the hip and attaches to the spine, which has helped a lot.


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Thanks for the responses Comrades!

I have thought lately that what did I miss years ago when I was in a good running shape. My back was always hurting and the longest distance was around 6km. I have ran 3300m in Coopers test, thats one proof of human body adaptivity, even if your posture is weak.

My hip flexors are a bit sore at the moment. I did some pretty powerful Forced relaxation on the weekend. But they feel a bit more open. Pink panther style stretches seem to work too...


New member
I find some of the older work to be very good; get hold of beyond stretching if you can.
I've found three things to work well keeping the balance;
check out the 'couch stretch' and the tip below it.
Then add in a hip stretch from pavel's early work; stand facing away from a bench/chair/whatever that's about knee height, put one leg backwards onto it and squat down - basically like a lunge but with the back leg elevated. keep the body upright or it won't work.
those three things really help keep the hips in good nick.
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