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How the ISOCHAIN Can Help Women Athletes Meet and Exceed Their Goals

John Du Cane

Staff member
How the ISOCHAIN Can Help Women Athletes Meet and Exceed Their Goals

By Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC and Adrienne Harvey, RKC-TL, Senior PCC
At first glance, the ISOCHAIN might seem specifically beneficial for men, but isometric training can benefit all athletes. In fact, women have already been practicing versions of isometric exercises for years—even in those old-school aerobics classes! Holding a position and pulsing, or holding a position and contracting are all key elements of many traditional workouts. The ISOCHAIN brings a new, measurable tool and a more specific focus to these familiar, effective training methods.

One key benefit of isometric training—and training with the ISOCHAIN in particular—is the ability to work through sticking points in various lifts. Every athlete who strives for a strength goal will usually come to a point in their training where they hit a wall and can’t seem to work through it without risking injury. The ISOCHAIN allows athletes to measurably train the EXACT sticking point of any lift—creating tension at that challenging angle. This can often be the difference for breaking through to hit a PR or to get past a frustrating plateau. The ISOCHAINwill give competitive strength athletes such as CrossFit athletes and powerlifters the edge they seek.

The ISOCHAIN also provides a safe, measurable way to build strength and muscle without extra wear and tear, damage, or potential injury to the joints. While everyone who trains can benefit from this modality, avoiding injury to joints is extremely important for women. Women have a hormone called relaxin which helps during childbirth by increasing connective tissue. Even if a woman has never had children, she may have more flexibility in her connective tissue and joints—and more potential injuries. This can be a real problem when an athlete’s goal is maximum strength.
The ISOCHAIN is completely unique because it…more
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