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How to lose weight without even trying -- your no-brainers?


New member
a few suggestions

water, make it your number 1 fluid
water, make it your number 2 fuild
water, make it your only fluid.

take a walk, they are great.

play basketball, its some much fun, best with friends

5-10lbs at a time

eat oatmeal for breakfast, it's cheap.

fresh fruits, veggies are good too, but i am not going to ask you to enjoy broccoli as much as an apple.

have peanut butter and jam on whole wheat. whole wheat plus PB is the longest lasting hunger satisfier i can think of. jam is mega yummy.

try to eat less salt, just try.

switch to whole wheat. in recipes try 1/2 whole wheat 1/2 processed if you like white flour.

get used to healthy foods that you don't really like, if you mix a bit in you might start to like them.


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Don't binge

Eat enough and eat frequently enough. I even find that looking forward to a bedtime snack prevents a late night binge. Eating a little before bed does not affect me the way diet authors claim. In this regard I'm with Clarence Bass.


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1. exercise more than you normally do
2. eat less food
3. free up time by spending less time reading about vitamin B17, water, and the alkalinity of schnozeberries.
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