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How to Master the Beast Challenge, Interview with Daniel Kirchmaier

John Du Cane

Staff member

Dragon Door: How did you get interested in kettlebell training?
Daniel Kirchmaier: I was going to do the Tough Mudder with RKC-II Thiemo Nass, and some other people. He called and asked if I was still into kettlebells.
At the time, I had been training with them but was not using good form and hadn’t had the right training—it was a little bit horrible.
So, Thiemo invited me to go to the Enter The Kettlebell seminar lead by Sebastian Müller, Steven Graves, and himself.
I became very interested in kettlebells after the seminar.
Later that evening when all of us went out to eat after the seminar I met my now-wife!
And today I taught an Enter The Kettlebell seminar at Kettlebell Bodensee.
Dragon Door: What inspired you to train for and attempt the Beast Tamer Challenge?
Daniel Kirchmaier: It was for a few different reasons—one reason is that I always need a goal.
Training without a goal is often pointless—you can end up training everything without accomplishing much.
The Beast Tamer Challenge was a difficult goal and...read complete interview.

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