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I hate to ask again, but other kettlebells?

I use the PDA one and yes I have had great success

go to www.fractionalplates.com and look at my article for a visual in action: http://www.vegsource.com/articles/mahler_weightlift.htm


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Or you could make one. No disrepect to this board, i plan on buying a 1 pood as soon as have saved. buy a basketball, cut out an oval hole on top. buy some 11/2 inch diameter X 6 inch wide plumbing pipe with some corner connecters. make a rectangle out of the plumbing, and place 3/4 of the rectangle into the basketball. Fill the ball with a bag of anchoring cement. you now have a 30 pound "kettleball". plus, it will have the rubber coating which we bill gentle on your floor. I've made two, and it coast me 22 bucks each to make. I still want the real one though. There something about cast iron that is more badass.

Just about all of them. Cannot do the bottom up press, but everything else is a go. I will be using the DD kettlebells at the certification class next weekend and will decide at that point if I should switch over.


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Comrade Mike, I am looking fwd to your review of DD KBs vs FP KB. I was thinking purchasing a fractional plate KB so I can have a bigger kb. 100+lb snatches are not out of my reach. Also sometimes i get tired of high rep training and the low rep stuff is like a tonic to my nervous system.

In the meantime I am going to try putting my KB inside one of those sandbag cover you buy from home depot and adding some sand to it it and taping the bag shut just below the KB handle. This will add some wieght but make them a bit bulky. The reason I haven't doen so yet is becuase the 2 poods are fine for 2 kb C&J, its the snatches that I can do 20+reps per arm with. Maybe 2 KB snatches would take care of that
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